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ScaleUp inBrazil Forum

ScaleUp inBrazil Forum - Perspectives from Israeli Tech Companies on June 23rd, 2021.

Come hear from Israeli tech companies on technology disruption and their perspectives on the Brazilian market. These companies are members of the Batch 2 of the ScaleUp inBrazil, an acceleration program designed by the ABVCAP, Apex-Brasil, and the Israel Trade & Investment.

Below is the agenda of the online event for your review. 10.00 | 16.00 Welcome Remarks

ScaleUp inBrazil Overview and results

10.20 | 16.00 A picture is worth a thousand words

Israeli companies from fintech, edutech and healthtech will share their views on how imagery is disrupting innovation to make better and more innovative products.

Facetrom | Inception XR

11.05 | 17.05 Management in your pocket

Technology has made possible for companies to manage cars, ships and several other services at ease from your hands. These Israeli companies will share their experiences on how they got there and perspectives on where they see this movement going.

Autofleet | Docktech

11.50 | 17.50 Sustainable consumption and production

Never before has the issue related to consumption and production been so evident and in need of attention. With an increasing worry on climate change and how that has and will continue to change the way we produce and consume, several companies are ahead of the game offering disruptive ways to better manage the land, natural resources and food.

AgroScout | Aleph Farms | Elgressy

12.30 | 18.30 Scaleup inBrazil 3rd edition

12.40 | 18.40 Adjournment

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