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Meet the finalist companies in this third batch of the ScaleUp inBrazil program

The ScaleUp inBrazil program announces the 20 finalist companies in this third batch, out of which 10 are from Israel, six from Japan and four from Singapore. The finalist companies are:

From Israel

Corsight, Cyrebro, CySource, Eco Wave Power, Iosight, Propdo, Razor labs, Securing SAM, Timelines/Initech, Yieldsapp

From Japan

AC-Planta, Axelspace, Credit engine, Dreamstock, Melody, Sagri

From Singapore

Graymatics, JA Secure,, Tookitaki

During July and August, 34 companies participated in the first stage of the program. We provided them workshops and personalized market reports. 20 out of these were selected by the program’s judging committee to continue participating in the program.

The second stage of the program started this week. At this time, the finalists are getting ready to travel to São Paulo from October 17 to 28.

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