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A landing pad for innovative tech companies 

The Program

We are the bridge connecting you to Brazil

Tapping into a new market is a hard task that requires time and financial resources to do it properly. The ScaleUp inBrazil program comes to bridge this gap and provide international companies the methodology and tools they need to validate their product, secure customers and start operating in Brazil.


Hear from the program second batch participants their views of the ScaleUp inBrazil and some tips for the next batches

Benefits to Participants

The program is built in five main areas to provide great benefits to participating companies.


● Access to 50+ of the largest corporations in Brazil with resources ready to be deployed

● Access to business development services to identify and coordinate meetings with potential customers

and strategic partners


Market Strategy

● Strategic report to support market entrance

● Support on product validation and market adaptation

Business and Cultural Environment

● Support on understanding the local culture and aligning expectations in regards to customers/partners

● Access to the principal advisers on regulatory, legal, tax, human resources, banking as mentors



Access to the private equity and venture capital
fund managers as well as corporations and other
strategic investors looking for innovative solutions


A 6-month post program support channel of the ScaleUp inBrazil team to continue providing advice and introductions to Brazilian customers, suppliers, service providers, technical experts, regulators and government officials.  

ABVCAP - Veirano Advogados-171.jpg

The program has the honor to work in partnership with some of the major names in the innovation ecosystem of Brazil and Israel. 


The Brazilian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association is a non-profit organization that represents the Brazilian PEVC industry and promotes the development of long-term investments.


The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad, and to attract foreign investment to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy.

logo_israeltrade (1).png

Israel Trade & Investment belongs to a network of more than 40 commercial offices located in major business centers around the world and is part of the Foreign Trade Department of the Israeli Ministry of Economy. They connect opportunities and develop successful cases between Israeli and Brazilian companies in various industries.

accenture logo.PNG

Accenture is a global management consulting firm based in Dublin, Ireland. The firm specializes in management consulting, systems integration and technology, business process outsourcing, risk management, information technology, and infrastructure outsourcing services.

Institutional Partners

The Santa Catarina Technology Association is the main representative of innovative entrepreneurship in Santa Catarina. Its mission is to support the local ecosystem from end to end, from startups to large companies, generating connections that strengthen the technology sector in the state.

How it works?

Selective process

Participants are selected through a competitive evaluation process that includes a written application, online interviews and an online pitching session to a judging committee comprised of representatives from Apex-Brasil, ABVCAP, fund managers and corporations.**

The Scaleup inBrazil program is divided into five stages.


Setting the Stage | An overview of the Brazilian market

A maximum of 25 companies will be selected to join this stage of the program where they will be provided with a local market report overview of the sectors where each company operates. The report is intended to provide each company with more sector-based details on the market they are looking to enter. They will also participate in webinars that will provide an overview of the: 

1. The Brazilian business environment including details on legal and taxes issues;

2. A dialogue with Israeli tech companies already operating in the country and their feedback on experiences and lessons learned;

3. An overview of the business culture and what that means in terms of customer approach and relationship.


Registrations closed

The program is oriented to international tech companies who comply with the criteria below.


  • Innovative B2B companies in high tech with a validated product revenue

  • Interest in expanding abroad

  • Brazilian market fit

  • Availability of dedicated high-ranked executive to be in Brazil during the program

  • Learning openness

There is no fee or cost associated with the participation of the companies in the program. The companies will only cover their travel expenses and stay during immersion phase of the program.

Timeline in Detail
Registrations open 
FEBRUARY 10, 2020
Registrations end
JULY 7, 2020
(extended date)
Announcement of selected companies for Stage 1
AUGUST 7, 2020
Online training I begins
AUGUST 12, 2020
Online training I ends
SEPTEMBER 17, 2020
Announcement of selected companies for stage 2
SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
Online training II begins
OCTOBER 13, 2020
Online training II ends
DECEMBER 15, 2020
Product Pivot begins 
​DECEMBER 17,2020
Product Pivot ends    
JUNE 2, 2021
Proof of Concept begins Immersion experience  begins
JUNE 7, 2021
Proof of Concept ends
​JUNE 25, 2021
Post program support begins 
JUNE 26, 2021
Post program support ends  
​DECEMBER 26, 2021
Scaleup inBrazil Batch 2019

Below are some highlights of the first edition of the program.





companies selected to

stage 1





hours of

online content presented


hours of content presented in person


meetups with innovation players


meetings during immersions







new employees hired in Brazil

Participating Companies (Batch 1)

Check below the 5 companies selected to participate in the ScaleUp inBrazil program:


Founded in 2012, Cybereason Services help customers better protect, detect, contain, and respond to security incidents. Their global team can augment your coverage, enhance your processes and capabilities, and uplift your company’s security posture with 24/7 monitoring, dedicated support, proactive threat hunting, and swift response to incidents whether remote or onsite.


Established in Tel Aviv on November 2014, Intervyo is an award-winning global pioneer in Human Predictive Analytics, and the only recruitment platform to offer a dynamic automated interviewing candidate experience. Intervyo enables talent acquisition professionals to recruit the right candidate for the right role whilst cutting both cost and time to hire.

see tree.png

SeeTree, a leading player in the agriculture tech space, was founded in August 2017 by former intelligence officers and serial entrepreneurs to bring technology disruption into the world of farming. The company is based in Tel Aviv with offices in California and Brazil, and has 40 employees including global experts in artificial intelligence and agronomy. SeeTree offers farmers an end-to-end service to manage and optimize the health and productivity of their trees.

shelfy_logo.png (formely SuperUp) is an Israeli based multinational company, founded in 2015, with offices across Europe and the US. created a white-label shopping platform for multiple retail verticals, which enables retailers to strengthen customers’ engagement and loyalty, and increase their business through mobile-centric experience and media monetization.


SysAid was founded in 2002, by Israel Lifshitz, with a vision to make the lives of IT professionals around the world easier, and to make their IT environments and IT service delivery better. The company aims to provide affordable, innovative, and intuitive ITSM solutions aligned with industry best practices, to help customers through automated business processes.

These companies were selected out of a total 20 selected to join the first stage of the program and listed below:

Appnext, Inc.
See Tree (formely SuperUp)
AppendAd Ltd. (DBA
Cybint Solutions
DVision systems
Infuse Location Ltd


The ScaleUp inBrazil Team is very appreciative of all applications and even though not all have been selected, we will continue to support them through the Israel Trade & Investment agency in Sao Paulo on their mission to do business in Brazil.

Scaleup inBrazil Batch 2020

Check below the 10 companies selected to participate in the ScaleUp inBrazil program:

AgroScout (1).png

AgroScout develops an autonomous solution for detecting disease and pests in crops. AgroScout combines field imagery data gathered primarily from drones with external data such as weather information to detect crop diseases at an early stage.

aleph famrs.png

Aleph Farms cultivates steaks directly from the cells of a living animal. With a proven and scalable platform for cultivation of quality whole beef steaks, it works hand-in-hand with the existing meat ecosystem to make sure we can address the nutritional demands of a growing world population, while protecting our most precious natural resources.

Appnext is the largest discovery platform, offering the only recommendation engine on the market, which encompasses both in-app and on-device discovery. Appnext discovery platform powers 4B daily app recommendations via over 20 interactions along users’ daily mobile journey.

Autofleet-logo (1).png

AutoFleet enables fleet managers to become vehicle-as-a-service providers. Using the AutoFleet platform, fleet managers can maximize revenues and margins and increase fleet utilization by aggregating demand, controlling supply, and optimizing rides.

DockTech increases cargo efficiency and vessel safety by creating a digital twin of the seabed to understand and forecast conditions in ports and rivers.

Facetrom- logo (1).png

Elgressy is an Israeli market leader in developing and manufacturing innovative electrochemical systems for water and wastewater treatment. Its systems are ecological, economical and operationally beneficial for cooling towers, Legionella prevention, corrosion remediation and wastewater treatment/pre-treatment.

Facetrom offers a proprietary technology that provides a personalized, real-time fraud risk-assessment score based on facial photos. Facetrom’s technology can extract more than 200 indicators from a single facial photo and predict with 90.7% accuracy how likely it is for a customer to be involved in a fraudulent activity.

Inception XR is an immersive VR/AR content network that uses proprietary technology and its creative studio to develop cross-platform destination apps. Inception has brought multiple XR products to market, including the Inception VR entertainment app and Bookful AR. The company’s newest offering, Inception Bookful, creates a playful, magical universe that brings books to life for children through the use of augmented reality.

Medic Vision is the leading innovator of vendor-independent, cost-effective, image enhancement and productivity improvement solutions for diagnostic imaging.

Viridix (1).png

Viridix aims to reinvent soil sensing through the development of a scalable, affordable solution that has been recognized by top agriculture scientists and corporate entities.

Selected companies for stage 1:

Aleph Farms
Appnext PTE
Diagsense ltd

Libra At Home
Medic Vision
Phoebus energy


The ScaleUp inBrazil Team is very appreciative of all applications and even though not all have been selected, we will continue to support them through the Israel Trade & Investment agency in Sao Paulo on their mission to do business in Brazil.